Divine Liturgy

O MYSTERY DEEP, inscrutable, without beginning. Thou hast decked thy supernatural realm as a chamber unto the light unapproachable and hast adorned with splendid glory the ranks of thy fiery spirits. O MYSTERY DEEP, inscrutable, without beginning.

Divine Liturgy

Khorhoort khorin, anhas, anusgisbn, vor zartaretzer zverin bedootyoont, ee harakasd anmadooytz loosoyn, kerabantz parok zdasus hreghinatz. DEACON: Orhnya, Der. PRIEST: Orhnyal takavorootyunn Hor yev Vortvo yev Hokvooyn Surpoh, ayjhm yev mishd yev

The feast of Jesus’ naming always falls 8 days after the commemoration of H

Referred to also as Baydzaragerbootiun, the Feast of the Transfiguration is o

Imagine the predicament of the Disciples of Christ at the time of his Ascensi

The Feast of Holy Ascension marks the ascent of our Lord Jesus Christ into he

The Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the most i

Palm Sunday is the feast of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when C

Christ’s baptism is one of the primary commemorations of Theophany, and is

On February 14 each year, the Armenian Church celebrates Dyarnuntarach, liter

Western Christians put great emphasis upon Christmas, celebrating it on Decem


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