Hymn of the Night Hour


Hymn of the Night Hour

Let us recall in the night your name, O Lord. [Ps 119:55]

The good word will flow forth from our hearts, and

Our tongues will recount the works of you, the heavenly King.

Having arisen in the middle of the night, let us confess you Lord.

Let us offer our prayers to you, Lord, in your court, in the new Jerusalem.

In the night, let us lift up our hands in holiness to you, O Lord. [Lam 2:19]

With a voice of thanksgiving let everyone bless the Lord!

Arise, O my glory, arise! And I shall arise in the morning. Alleluia!

Arise with the vigilant angels, O children of the supernal Zion. Alleluia!

Arise, children of light, in praise of the Father of light. Alleluia! [1Th 5:5]

Arise, all of you saved by the blood, and give glory to the Savior. Alleluia!

Arise, new people, singing a new song to Him who makes all things new. Alleluia! [Ps 96:1]

Arise, brides in the Spirit, awaiting the coming of the holy Bridegroom. Alleluia!

Arise, you, who burn with light, like the wise holy virgins. Alleluia!

Arise and prepare oil for your lamps with warm tears. Alleluia!

Arise and sleep not, slumbering like the foolish virgins. Alleluia!

Arise, let us fall down and worship with tears, saying: Alleluia!

Arise, why do you sleep? Lord, do not forsake us.

Arise, Lord, and help us, and we shall give glory to your holy name.

Now and forever to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Having arisen from the occupation of nocturnal repose;

May the loving Lord also grant us consolation in the solace of the Church.

In awe and reverence let us stand in prayer.

Let us confess our transgressions.

And we shall find expiation and great mercy from Christ.

Forever and ever. Amen. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Amen. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Having arisen, all of us, from the rest of sleep, which the loving God has granted us for consolation and for the relief of our weakness; and having come together singing spiritual songs and glorification in honor of the all-holy name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; with awe and in trembling let us stand in prayer before him. And let us give thanks to him in this hour of the [morning] for his law and for his righteousness. He chose us by his mercy and made it possible for us to imitate the heavenly angels; for us too to become worshipers of the Lord God of all.

Cleansing our souls of all distrust and of evil deeds, we therefore lift up our hands in holiness without anger or doubt. In faith we ask him for the expiation and forgiveness of our misdeeds. We confess the secrets of our hearts to God who knows all secrets. So that receiving our supplications by the prayers and intercession of all the saints, the loving God may have us live in virtue and without impure conduct in this world according to his will; so that we may become worthy of the eternal, heavenly tabernacles that Jesus Christ, our Lord, the true God, has promised to those he loves. Save us and have mercy on us.

Save us, Lord.

To lead us through the remainder of this night in peace and in faith, let us beseech the Lord.

Grant it, Lord.

For an angel of peace as a guardian for our souls, let us beseech the Lord.

Grant it, Lord.

For the expiation and forgiveness of our sins, let us beseech the Lord.

Grant it, Lord.

The great and mighty power of the holy cross to help us, let us beseech the Lord.

Grant it, Lord.

And again for our true and holy faith, together, let us beseech the Lord.

Lord have mercy.

For the faculty, students and alumni of this Seminary, that they may remain firm in their calling, preaching the gospel and doing the will of God, let us beseech the Lord.

Lord have mercy.

May the Lord inspire many young men and women to come forward to serve the holy church in gladness, let us beseech the Lord.

Lord, have mercy.

Let us commit ourselves and one another to the almighty Lord God.

We commit ourselves to you, O Lord.

Have mercy on us, O Lord our God, in your great mercy. Let us all say together: